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We develop valuable relationships with our clients, their employees, and the insurance providers, all with the objective of providing you with the highest quality mental health billing services at the best price.



We save you time and money. 

You won’t have to hire an experienced staff person with benefits to handle your billing services. Streamline has highly-trained experts who can be counted upon to do the work so you’re always covered, even during vacations. We will ensure you get paid consistently, by drastically reducing or even eliminating denials from insurance companies.

We are relentless for reimbursement.


We never give up on an unpaid claim unless we know we have done absolutely everything possible to get it paid.  We will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to make certain our clients are reimbursed 100% of the time. Keep in mind, we don’t get paid unless you do.

We handle new patient eligibility and insurance verification. 

Our billing services include

  • verifying eligibility and benefits; 

  • obtaining initial authorizations; 

  • deductible and authorization tracking, and

  • sending patient statements. 



Assess. Strategize. Implement.


Streamline takes a thorough look at your practice to determine how we can augment current system processes to make everyone's job easier -- all with the underlying goal of working smarter, not harder. Once we have a clear understanding of your operations, the types of patients you have, and the services you offer, we can help make your intake process more efficient.


But that’s just the beginning.


We can help you develop a streamlined, efficient office, so that you can focus on the part you know best: helping patients. We make sure that the billing aspect is considered every step of the way, so that every interaction with your patients offers great customer service, results in a reimbursement, and allows you to feel secure about the entire process from start to finish. Whether you’re an established practice looking for ways to improve your bottom line, or a new practice just starting out, Streamline is your solution. With our years of experience in everything from mental health billing for individual providers to total practice management, we have the extensive knowledge and background to meet health care administration management challenges of any scale.



You have better things to do with your time then monotonous paperwork.


Many or our clients have neither the bandwidth nor the expertise for insurance credentialing (i.e. obtaining in-network status with major health insurance panels). That is where Streamline Health Care Solutions comes in.

We are ridiculously organized about it, and have it down to a science.
Accuracy is crucial. We double and triple-check, so if an error is
made, it is always detected quickly. We have an unparalleled level
of attention to detail, which is crucial for credentialing success.

We have the right contacts at the insurance companies to enable us
to procure the right credentialing information to the payors quickly, and to help fix any problems very easily. We are also able to provide re-credentialing
and change-of-information assistance with all insurance providers.



At Streamline, we value your time, your colleagues, and your clients. We partner with you to design our workflow and allocate our resources to maximize your operational efficiency. Maintaining clear and consistent lines of communications, operations, and follow up are essential components of our relationship with you and your team. We know from experience that dedication and responsibility will produce the results that you expect and deserve. 

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