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Your focus is client care. 

Ours is making sure you get paid for it. 

Whether your practice needs mental health billing services, administrative guidance, health insurance credentialing, or operational consulting, Streamline has a solution designed specifically for your needs. 

Our leadership team has more than thirty years experience in mental health billing working with single providers and groups of all sizes, including organizations with many health care providers, thousands of patients, and myriad insurance carriers with varied price structures, systems, processes, and timelines.

Streamline is fully versed in the latest telehealth practice and billing requirements that have been established in Massachusetts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is fully engaged in developing telehealth billing and invoice collection solutions necessary to allow you and your team to focus on client care. 



Streamline Health Care Solutions, based in Boston, is dedicated to partnering with you and your organization to ensure consistent and seamless mental health billing and collection practices -- from patient intake through final payment. That includes the latest mental health telehealth practices and billing procedures established by the insurance providers since the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We are the experts in consistently reevaluating and updating processes to define order and sense in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Our business model is designed to focus on your business needs, and is reliant upon the development of strong and productive relationships with your team, your clients, and the insurance companies. We are pro-active; we think ahead; and we anticipate potential problems in order to quickly identify appropriate solutions. We respect your time, your operations, and your need for prompt and accurate payments.



“Streamline has literally transformed our billing. And you have...helped us enormously to put better administrative/billing policies and procedures into place. Our administrative staff is stronger than ever and you really helped us get to this place. I have said...on a number of occasions that signing on with Streamline was the best professional decision I have made." 

--Cara Ellis, The Danielsen Institute

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